Norco Coaster 16" Pink

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The Norco Coaster 16 is a 16-inch lightweight alloy frame bike designed for young riders that want to test themselves on the trails. With a low standover height, kid-sized lock-on grips and saddle, sturdy 16-inch wheels, and quality components, this bike is perfect for a youngster that is in need of a bigger bike. The micro-sized components are designed specifically for kids and the coaster brakes are easy to use, making this an excellent choice for the rider just starting out. While the removable training wheels provide stability and can be removed as your kids grow.

This year the Coaster 16 has an improved frame with fork offset, new saddle with more cushioning and a longer stack height with 20mmm spaces so that it can be adjusted. The Norco Coaster 16 is a great kids bike that is durable enough to handle the roughest kids. All of the parts are reliable and are sure to provide a great ride for years to come. With a range of updates, including improved frame, tyres and fork, this bike is a must have for any kid looking to upgrade or start out riding on the trails.

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