Specialized BG Bar Phat - 4.5mm

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When the road ahead looks more like a pockmarked battlefield than a bike path, you're in need of some extra help. You need something like our Body Geometry Bar Phat that's proven to reduce hand pressure by up to 50%. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • 50% reduction in hand pressure for 4.5mm thickness.

  • Clear, shock-absorbing gel pads fit both road bar top and drops.

  • Gel pad design can be trimmed and reused for different sets of handlebars.

  • Sleek design adds minimal thickness only to the tops of the bar, not the entire diameter.

  • Includes suede-textured Roubaix tape and bar plugs.

  • *Available in 2.5mm or 4.5mm thicknesses.

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