Specialized S-Wrap Roubaix Bar Tape -

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Look no further than Specialized S-Wrap Roubaix Handlebar Tape.

For the construction, it features a pairing of a grippy suede finish with vibration-absorbing EVA foam. This means that you'll experience less slip and a significant reduction in hand fatigue. And after witnessing so many mechanics putting up double-wrap, Specialized  even took it step further by including by adding an elastomer gel backing for even more comfort and support. If this sounds thick and clumsy, though, don't worry. This tape is extra wide, so your wrap job will remain sleek and low profile. Specialized even made it to be highly stretchable with feathered edges to make sure of it.

  • A suede finish has been paired with EVA vibration-damping foam for non-slip comfort and a clean aesthetic.

  • Extra wide design creates a smoother finish and easier installation.

  • Elastomer gel backing provides additional comfort and vibration damping.

  • Easy-stretch tape with feathered edges makes the finished wrap smooth and low profile.

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