Zefal Z-Console Universal L Case for Phones Up to 84mm

Article number: 7074D
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The Z Console Universal L is a simple-to-use  smartphone mount for bikes. Designed for universal use, the mount can be used with all phones up to a maximum width of 84 mm and a height of between 135 to 175 mm (inclusive). The Double Lock System ensures the mount is secure over rough terrain. Thanks to smartphone apps, you’ll be able to record and save all your routes to view afterwards.


: 7074D

Material: Case and mounting: thermoplastic / Waterproof cover: soft

Height: 130 mm ≤ x ≤ 175 mm / 5.1" ≤ x ≤ 6.9"

Weight: 156 g

Width: ≤ 80 mm / ≤ 3.1"

Mounting: Adjustable bracket (Ø 20-45 mm)

Accessories: 1 case, 1 mounting system , 1 waterproof cover, 3 pads

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