Arkel Frame Bag - 100% Waterproof

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This is a great multiusage bag for your bikepacking expeditions or your day trip exploring dirt roads around town.
  • - A performing and solid bag in mud, rain or snow for years to come.
  • - 100% waterproof to carry safely your electronics, no matter how bad the sky is pouring on you.
  • - Easily pack and hold tools, food or extra clothing because of its big opening.
  • - Zipper easy to operate thanks to the tight attachment.
  • - Offer an ethical bag made in Canada with recycled & Carbon neutral fabric.

Make sure it fits your bike frame:

Here are templates you can print and put on your frame to make sure its the right size.

Make sur it is really tight to facilitate the zipping & un zipping.

*As a general rule, medium frame bag fits on medium or Large bike. Large frame bag fits on XL bike frames.

Frame Bag Small Cutting Template

Frame Bag Medium Cutting Template

Frame Bag Large Cutting Template

Position: frame

- 100% Waterproof with a TPU liner and sealed seams.
- Large #8 waterproof YKK zipper.
- No large velcros to handle.
- Always under tension for easy zipper action.
- XPac RX30 Recycled & Carbon neutral Fabric and Cordura 1000D nylon in critical zones.
- Quick 3-point attachment strap system with straps that won't interfere with top tube packs.
- Always under tension for easy zipper action.
- Made in Canada.

To determine the best size for your bike frame:

1. Print the templates available in the "Why We Made This" section to determine which size will best fit your frame.

2. These templates are exactly the size of the bags and can be cut and fitted inside your frame to determine the fit.

3. These bags are designed to be stretched tight inside your frame at each of the 3 attachment points. If the bag can't be stretched tight this will make operating the zipper difficult. When in doubt, choose the size smaller.

Weight: 160 g (6 oz)
Volume: 2.5 L (150 cu. in.)
Length: 16 1/4" (41.3 cm)
Width: 6" (15.2 cm)

Weight: 180 g (7 oz)
Volume: 4 L (250 cu. in.)
Length: 18 3/4" (47.6 cm)
Width: 7.5" (19 cm)

Weight: 220 g (8 oz)
Volume: 5 L (300 cu. in.)
Length: 20 1/2" (52 cm)
Width: 9 1/4" (23.5 cm)

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