Body Geometry 2D Fitting

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Become One With Your Bike - The Importance of Specialized Body Geometry Fit

A professional bike fitting is one of the best investments a serious cyclist can make, and is something highly recommend for all distance riders. Those new or old to the sport will be amazed at what a dramatic difference the correct fit can make when it comes to comfort, performance and overall enjoyment of cycling.

Spring has almost sprung, and it’s almost time to start adding distance to your training rides. Most people look forward to a season full of long days in the saddle. But nagging aches or pains can suck the enjoyment right out of cycling and turn a long ride into a REALLY long ride. Life’s far too short for that nonsense – particularly since most cycling discomfort is easily eliminated through proper bike fit. For most people, this requires the help of a professional.

Bikes come in a limited number of shapes and sizes. Cyclists do not. Bike manufacturers use adjustable components so their bikes can be made to accommodate a larger cross-section of riders. A trained bike fitter knows which adjustments need to be made to each of these components so that human and machine can truly become one.

  • cleat adjustment  

  • seat fore and aft adjustment

  • seat height adjustment

  • bar angle adjustment

2D Body Geometry Fitting will take approximately 45 minutes and will be booked at time of purchase. It is recommended that you ride your new bike 2 -3 times before coming in for your fit.
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