Delta Airzound Horn

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Stay Safe with Airzound

When you ride in a noisy environment with complex road conditions can make any rider feel vulnerable. Airzound’s sleek design enables you to quickly trigger the horn with easy-to-reach placement. More prominent than a traditional bike bell, the Airzound can penetrate a car interior, ensuring guaranteed awareness of your presence.


World’s loudest bike horn. Suitable for any mountain bike, hybrid bike, eBike, road bike or children’s bike, easily install the Airzound on any handlebar with 22-26mm diameter. Easy-to-reach trigger placement allows quick-action in emergency situations.
Volume Control
Volume control switch allows customized sound levels of 0 to 115 decibels to suit any rider and any environment, from your local neighbourhood to busy downtown city streets, edging out emergency sirens and citywide traffic.
Trusted Quality
AirZound has been a trusted safety product in the bike industry for more than 20 years. Backed by delta’s best-in-class US-based customer service, guaranteeing an A+ customer experience.
Easy Installation
Store the air canister in any standard bottle cage and attach Airzound to your bike handlebar using provided clamps, offering peace of mind and added security while on the long rides.
Patented design allows for easy recharge with a handheld bike pump. Recharge while on-the-go. No batteries or replaceable cartridges required. Save money and time.
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