Trek Fetch + 2 Family Pack Kit

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Move over, minivan

The Family Pack Kit is a modular seating system with room for up to two passengers in either the included bench seats, infant child seats (not included), or some combination of the two.

Different seating combinations allow Fetch+ 2 to grow with your family, making it easier than ever to ditch the car and go by bike.

Product details

  1. Includes safari bar, seat pads, back rest, foot guards, and installation hardware
  2. Safari bar offers children a secure handhold while allowing room to look around
  3. Full coverage foot guards help keep tiny feet and fingers out of the rear wheel
  4. Fully compatible with Fetch+ 2 Rear Pannier Kit
  5. Carries two passengers up to 36kg (79 lbs.) each
  6. We know what you're thinking: kit is not to be used with one 72kg (158 lbs.) passenger
  7. The Fetch+ 2 Fender Set is required to install the Family Pack Kit
  8. Do not exceed a gross vehicle weight (bike, riders, cargo) of 200kg (440 lbs.)
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