Trek Voda Bio Water Bottle - 21oz

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Make your next ride greener with a Voda Bio water bottle. This plant-based bottle comes with a secure, leak-free cap, plus it's easy to squeeze and has a great in-hand feel for all of your rides.

Bio is better

Feel good about the water bottles on your bike with the Voda Bio! This bio-based plastic water bottle is dependable and leak-free. The soft poppet is easy-to-use, and it securely fits with bottle cages all while being a more sustainable option to most other water bottles.

Product details

  1. 95% of the bottle body is plastic made from plants
  2. 30% of the poppet and 20% of the cap are made from bio-based materials
  3. Designed for easy entry/removal and secure retention with bottle cages
  4. Bottle and cap are dishwasher safe
  5. USDA approved and free of BPAs and phthalates
  6. Long-lasting graphics resist scratching for a look that lasts
  7. Manufactured in the USA
  8. Bottle body is recyclable, but the cap is not recyclable
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